Established in 2006 in Beijing, Mooncorner is a rehabilitation and rehoming centre for rescued cats. The centre is about 120 square meters in size, and it has a turnaround of up to 50 cats each year. Currently, the centre houses 60 cats in total.

The centre would only take in more rescued cats when space allows. From 2008 to 2017, the centre has rehomed over 300 cats and helped a total number of more than 500 cats with care, rehabilitation and recovery.

Shelter Welfare Projet

Mooncorner is a member of our Animal Welfare Programme helping rescued animals in need.

We provide welfare supplies, volunteers and rehoming support to the shelter, including urgent veterinary care desperately needed by some of the newly rescued cats and kittens as well as foster care for those cats who are ready to be rehomed.

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Volunteers Needed

Mooncorner is looking for long-term and reliable volunteers to help at the shelter once a week at least. The volunteer’s responsibilities will include but not limited to:

  • clean and disinfect crates, walls, tools and litter boxes
  • take care of the cats’ general welfare needs, clean their ears and apply common treatments for fleas and ear mites
  • take photos and videos of the cats, especially those that are ready for foster or adoption
  • organise shelter educational activities and events

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us via email:

Meet Some of the Residents









If you are considering to adopt, take a look at the rescued animals that are available for adoption.