About Cena

Location: Beijing

Sex: female

Age: 8yr


Cena is very outgoing, loving and friendly to people. She enjoys cuddles and purrs back expressing her happiness.

Please help me find a home!

Type of Home Needed

Cena would be the ideal companion for an individual, a couple or a family with children above 8 years of age. A calm, quiet and caring home would be most suitable for her. She is great with both children and adults.

Prefer local adoption in Beijing, but we can also rehome to: Germany, USA, UK, Sweden and Hong Kong.


Cena was given up by her previous owner who decide not to take her when leaving China. Foster homes keep changing and she is desperately needing a steady and loving home to feel safe and content.

Spay/neuter: yes

Vaccination: yes

Microchip: yes

Interested? Let us know.

Please contact Sibila for more information:
Email: sibila.boyko@bcis.cn / WeChat: sib44316546