Do Do

Do Do is a 3year old poodle who used to have a home when he was a cute tiny puppy, but when his owner had enough of him, they dumbed him at a coal shed belonged to their relatives in rural Beijing. Do Do spent almost his entire life living in this coal shed, locked in with coals and his own excreta.

He was fed scraps and not received any care whatsoever. He often struggle many days without food and water, his fur was matted and covered in dirt.

The family who recently adopted a pair of cats (Barrie and Sussie) from us know the owner of Do Do and reported his situation to us and wish to get some help to rescue this poor dog.

Our team helped take Do Do out of the coal shed and brought him to our partner veterinary clinic ICVS for treatment and grooming. After a series of medical examination, Do Do’s overall health was well enough, so he received vaccination and deworming before being released from the clinic and taken back to the rescuers’ home.

Do Do has finally been given some proper food and with all his matted fur taken off, he was feeling much better and could finally sleep comfortably in a nice warm bed.

Do Do