About Feifei

Location: Beijing

Sex: male

Age: 7 months

Breed: medium mixed


Feifei is very smart and sweet, he sees every stranger as a new friend, and always tries to please his human. He walks three times a day, mostly pees and poops outdoor.

Please help me find a home!

Type of Home Needed

Feifei needs an owner/family who can register him, offer him the best dog food, patience and enough attention. Always walk him on a leash, neuter him when he’s old enough, and take him with the family if leaving Beijing.

Feifei is a medium sized boy and it is against the regulations for him to live in the central area of Beijing.

Prefer local adoption in Beijing outside the central area, although we could also rehome to USA, Sweden, Germany and Hong Kong.


April 16 2018, Jerri, the local rescuer read on WeChat that a homeless puppy was badly injured days ago, can’t even stand or walk, she took him to vets and found out the puppy was hurt in the pelvis.

She named the puppy Feifei which means Fly in Chinese. One month later Jerri moved Feifei to a foster family, with Chinese traditional acupuncture treatment. Feifei recovered very well and getting stronger day by day. His right rear leg is weaker and smaller than the left one, but he’s a happy and playful young boy now!

Interested? Contact Jerri.

Email: 113165297@qq.com
WeChat: 113165297
Tel.: +86 13001178548