About Hazel

Location: Beijing

Sex: female

Age: 3yr

Breed: small shorthair


Hazel is a sweet girl who loves cuddles. She’s friendly, calm and affectionate. She gets on with other cats who have a calm personality.

Please help me find a home!

Type of Home Needed

Hazel is suitable for a stable individual, couple or family with kids over 12. She needs someone who can take good care of her and give her enough attention, groom her regularly, provide her appropriate and nutritious food, and take her if relocate away from Beijing.


Hazel was rescued from the street when she was heavily pregnant. She gave birth to 5 kittens after being rescued, but only 1 kitten survived. She has been spayed, vaccinated and treated for worm and flea.

She used to live with other rescued cats at the rescuer’s home in an outdoor enclosure, so she’s used to having other cats around. She has gone through an amazing transformation thanks to the love and care provided by her currently foster mum.

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