Adopt Pixie

About Pixie

Location: Beijing

Sex: female

Age: 1yr

Breed: medium mixed


Pixie takes a while to warm up to new people as she is very shy and timid. Extremely loving once she gets to know you. Loving, playful, potty trained and doesn’t bark. Mischievous, in that she “steals” little items and hides in her bed.

Please help me find a home!

Type of Home Needed

The perfect home for Pixie, is a stable, caring, loving environment, that understands her sweet personality and has the time to support her develop socially as well as understands that she will need time to come out of her shell.

No children younger than the age of 10 as very loud, sudden noises scare her and tend to make her hide. A family wishing to adopt Pixie, needs to understand the commitment of adoption, financially, time-wise and in case of relocation, is prepared to take her with them.

Pixie would be happiest in a family with another dog as she is very social with animals, including cats.

Prefer local adoption in Beijing, but we can also rehome to: USA, UK, Sweden, Germany and Hong Kong.


Pixie’s mother was a member of a pack rescued from a field. This pack was targeted by meat traders and several dogs were lost before we managed to capture them all. At the time of the rescue, we were not aware that her mother was pregnant. It was an operation that took a year to achieve and it is very close to our hearts.

Rescued and cared for by Girls4Paws

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