About Sherlock

Location: Beijing

Sex: male

Age: 5.5yr

Breed: British longhair


Sherlock is a gentle, intelligent, playful and very sensitive cat. He loves people and he is suffering when he is lonely. He is very friendly, lively and “talkative”. He could be shy and anxious with the new owner, but your love, care and tenderness will win his heart and make him happy.

Please help me find a home!

Type of Home Needed

Ideal home for Sherlock is the place where he can feel safe and spend time with someone who loves him. He needs care and good quality food. He is an indoor cat and he loves playing inside. As with most cats, he likes attention and contact with “his” people, regular stroking and playing sessions.


Sherlock is a beautiful silver British longhair cat. He came to China from Poland with his family 4 years ago, but because of the personal problems of the owners and health condition of their second cat, they have to find for Sherlock new loving home.

Sherlock had regular vaccination, he has been neutered, he has microchip on the left side of his neck.

In the past (4 years ago) he had a problem with digestion, and he needed a special type of food (gastrointestinal). He doesn’t have any problems now.  Preferred food: Royal Canin veterinary care

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