About Shusha

Location: Beijing

Sex: female

Age: 1yr

Breed: mixed


Shusha is homely, sociable, noble with really good eyes. She likes to play, travel and she gets along with other dogs.

Please help me find a home!

Type of Home Needed

All kinds of nice home can be suitable for Shusha. she is a very connivant dog that adapts herself to the environment she will be in.


Shusha was abandoned by her owner in the parking lot near MoBike’s office in Beijing. The staff tied her up and gave her food. For a month she was tied to one place without a walk or move and she did her needs where she sat.

She has been rescued and currently stays at her rescuer’s home and finally getting the care and love she desperately needs.

Interested? Contact Danielle.

WeChat: danielleyonayov1
Tel.: +86 15618728961