Rescue Hero Fund

Help save injured, sick and vulnerable animals.

Cat and Dog Meat Trade Rescues

Nibble and Ball

Provide guidance, training and support local groups and volunteers involved in animal rescues.

Donations will help cover the cost for training and support for shelter operators and their animals including cat and dog meat trade survivors.

Abandoned and Neglected Animals


When animals get rescued, they normally are in an unhealthy condition due to time spent on the streets, illness or injury.

Our volunteers will help save injured, sick and vulnerable animals, help them get immediate medical attention and treatment.

Stray Animals


Many stray cats and dogs are in need of medical attention and sterilisation, some require life-saving, emergency treatment.

You can help make sure these animals receive the care and treatment that they desperately need and deserve.


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The ‘Rescue Hero Fund’ does not only help keep animals in Beijing out of the streets, it gives them a chance to live the life they all deserve, be healthy, cared for and have a forever home.


My dream job is to rescue animals from the streets, to see through their recovery and become the happiest creatures on earth! I think I could do it 24/7! Thanks to ‘Rescue Hero Fund’ I can fulfill a big portion of this dream and be a part of this wonderful transformation! Thank you very much!


Rescue Hero Fund