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Top Reasons to Switch

Switching to plant-based milk has numerous health and environmental benefits.

Research is increasingly indicating that plant-based diets are beneficial to our health and help to prevent and manage diseases.

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Plant milk can be made from soya, oats, almonds, coconut, hemp, rice, cashews and even peas, so there is a dairy-free milk for every taste.

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Producing plant-based milks takes a lot less water and land and results in much less carbon dioxide than producing dairy milks. In the past two years alone, the non-dairy milk market has grown by a staggering 155% in the UK!

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Dairy products are among the most frequently consumed animal products worldwide and with such high production levels, this has devastating consequences for the cows producing the milk.

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7-day Dairy-free Challenge

Join us if you’re in China and already signed up for the challenge.

Need more information to switch?

Visit the official World Plant Milk Day site.

World Plant Milk Day