TACN is a volunteer-run charity aimed at improving animal welfare and promoting a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle worldwide.

Our Vision

A world where all animals are respected and treated with kindness and compassion by people.

Our Mission

Promote humane behaviour towards animals by providing appropriate care, protection, treatment and security for animals which are in need of care and attention by reason of sickness, maltreatment, poor circumstances or ill usage.

Educate the public in matters pertaining to animal welfare in general and the prevention of cruelty and suffering among animals, and raise awareness of veganism and the benefits of living a cruelty-free lifestyle via campaigns, projects, collaborations and events.

Our Core Values

  • Quality of care
  • Compassion for both animals and people
  • Integrity
  • Respect and value
  • Strategic approach
  • Transparency and accountability

Our Team

Grace Han

Grace Han

Founder and Managing Director

Grace got involved with charitable works for animals since a young age. Her dedication to the cause is driven by the vision of a compassionate society. Since 2012 Grace has helped, mentored and provided training to many local animal welfare groups and contributed to many campaigns that promote a cruelty-free and vegan lifestyle.

Carys Bennett

Co-founder and Trustee

Carys has more than 10 years of volunteering experiences for various charities and not-for-profit groups in the UK and abroad. She went to China for the first time in May 2013, after visiting some of the local animal shelters in Beijing and Kunming she returned to the UK and co-founded TACN with Grace.

John Prescott


John has been involved in vegan outreach educational projects in local UK groups since 2013. He was one of the people who set up the Leicester vegan challenge programme which has since gained a lot of support from local communities.

Mariya Kuznetsova

Campaign Manager

Mariya has lived in Beijing for 7 years, she joined TACN in 2015 as a volunteer. She has helped the management team organise and host many educational events and workshops. Since 2015 Mariya has rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed many animals including dogs, cats and wildlife.



Content Creator & Event Coordinator

Hala arrived in China in 2013 to study medicine, then she stumbled upon the vegan lifestyle that became her passion soon after! Her goal is to help people live a cruelty-free and healthy life to save the planet. Volunteering with TACN has given the tools to do that.



Photographer, Videographer & Coordinator

Yash is a South African who arrived in Beijing in 2013 to study medicine. In recent years he has turned vegan and wanted to spread the word to others about healthy living. TACN has given a platform and network to help Yash to achieve his goal.



Photographer, Editor & Project Coordinator

Anqi lives and works as a freelancer in Beijing. She joined TACN as a volunteer in 2015 and has since been working on many projects and events alongside other team members. Anqi has great soft skills and a lovable personality, she has been a joy to work with.



Translator, Project & Event Coordinator

Gabriela studies environmental science in college, her goal is to bring a better future and promote animal equality around the world. Gabriela joined TACN since 2016 when she was in 11th Grade, she was attracted by the mission of TACN. The motivation has totally changed her lifestyle and she is determined to spread the word to others.



Event & Rehoming Programme Coordinator

Claire is a new member of the TACN family, she joined in 2018 as a volunteer and has been helping out with educational events. She has been an animal lover her whole life, which prompted her to pursue and champion cruelty-free and zero-waste living. TACN gives her the means and inspired her to go vegan and she feels empowered to be part of its educational outreach efforts by contributing to make a difference.

Our Work

Initiate Change

We start our animal welfare campaigning work at the grassroots connecting local animal shelter operators and rescuers with volunteers and create opportunities for communication and learning.

We set examples by being a vegan organisation, embedding our messages deep within the general public through positive vegan themed social events and campaigns.

Concerted Efforts

We develop programmes and projects to connect the existing local efforts to encourage collaboration and knowledge exchange and to combine resources.

There are many existing local animal welfare groups and individuals across the world, by creating more opportunities for connections, we will help these groups and individuals grow and improve.


We bring knowledge and information about the welfare of animals and people to the general public, embedding valuable and informative educational materials in local community development.

Help people improve the quality and standard of their lives through our tailor-made educational programmes while promoting cruelty-free living, to improve the relationship between people and animals.


POP Plant-based Festival Beijing 2018

POP Plant-based Festival

World Plant Milk Day 2018

World Plant Milk Day
Chinese campaign

Dominion documentary premiere Beijing 2018

Dominion Premiere

Vegan Art Exhibitions 2018

Vegan Art Exhibitions
Across China

ChinaFit Conference 2018

ChinaFit Conference

iAnimal VR Experiences Beijing 2018

iAnimal VR Campaign

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