Caring for Strays

Empower and support local efforts to help stray animals in Beijing, China.

In Beijing, like many Chinese cities, there are a lot of stray cats.

While TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return) projects are being carried out in most major cities including Beijing, the number of stray cats is still very high due to the size of the stray cat population.

Temperature outside gets very cold in the winter in Beijing and the stray cats need an additional stable supply of food and warmer places to spend the harsh winter time.

Many stray cats in the areas we inspected have been neutered/spayed by local animal rescuers or groups. Even though they are always under pressure due to the lack of fundings, they do their best to neuter and spay as many as they possibly can.

Many local rescuers and groups we work with understand the importance of controlling the number of stray cats and are working very hard to provide these animals with the best care possible.

Donations received will help us provide much needed support and supplies to many stray animals in need. The funds would provide us additional support to help:

  • Raise awareness of local stray cat colonies and their carers, which have been visited by our volunteer team in Beijing.
  • Gather more people to volunteer to build more “cat houses”, providing the animals with a place to stay warm during cold winters.
  • Keep a constant supply of nutritious food.
  • Support the animals in need of medical care, and much more.

There are many local residents, especially the aunties, including Ms Pan (photographed), who take care of many stray cats in her local area in Sanlitun, Beijing.

They provide nutritious food for the cats every day regardless of the weather, also provide them with basic health care, e.g.: flea/tick treatment.

They make efforts to seek help with neuter/spay, and often pay out their own pockets to provide those animals in need of medical care. But there are too many animals for one person to care for, and that’s why we need to take action to help these people who are doing amazing work against all the odds.

Caring for Strays