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Dominion Premiered in Beijing, China

Documentary Film

The latest thought-provoking documentary “Dominion” recently premiered in Beijing, China. The event sold out in just 3 days since we launched the event.

The feature-length film is directed by Chris Delforce and co-produced by Earthlings Director Shaun Monson. A host of high profile celebrities have lent their voices to the film as narrators, including Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Sia, Sadie Sink, and Kat Von D.

The premiere in Beijing was well received by the audience. Here are just some of the feedback we’ve received:

Thanks so much, guys! Great movie and learned some new things 🙂 – Jack

Was a really great event, guys, thanks so much! – Zoe

I agree, it’s a very powerful film, although quite distressing to watch. I hope that more people get to see it so that they’re better informed. – Jo

It’s a great vegan documentary (also a very tough one). It got me thinking what is the most sustainable and civil way to live? Does our technology ready to make the food revolution? Will it cause bigger issue without the industrialized livestock? – Coronafy

Dominion Premiered in Beijing, China