Bianca & Ginger

About Bianca & Ginger

Location: Beijing

Sex: female & male

Age: 2yr / 4 months

Breed: mixed, short hair


Bianca is shy and cautious, but friendly to people and is making big progress in interaction with people. She grew up in the streets, therefore, will need some time to adjust and accept new home.

The boy, Ginger, is super cuddly, interactive and playful.


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Bianca was found at a University area, she was pregnant and about to give birth. After some weeks in a clinic, she gave birth to 7 kittens.

She was very weak and couldn’t nurture her babies well. She also has undergone a breast surgery. Luckily she is totally recovered now and some of her kittens are being fostered.

Ginger keeps his mom’s company and helps her get closer to people. Together they will make a nice addition to a home of an individual or a family with or without children.

Bianca & Ginger