Dian Dian

About Dian Dian

Location: Beijing

Sex: male

Rescuer: Jerri

Dian Dian, now named Charlie, has found a forever home! Adopted by an expat daddy in Beijing, Charlie is now loved and well looked after, he has even been to the Great Wall of China! Charlie is very smart and playful, we’re all thrilled for him and his family!

Also, a big thank you to Jerri who rescued and looked after Charlie then handled his adoption process.


Dian Dian was one of 9 abandoned dogs straying around an empty building in Shunyi, Beijing. Dian Dian and 4 other puppies were born there in early Dec. 2016. The rescuer Jerri offered the adult dogs food and water everyday and managed to capture 6 of them. The puppies were hiding in bush but Jerri finally found them and took them to a loving friend who helps foster them.

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Dian Dian