About Hailey

Location: Beijing

Sex: female

Age: 4yr

Breed: Labrador/Pit Mix


Hailey adores human companionship and is always seeking it out. Whether you’re her family or a stranger, she is eager to shower you in hugs and kisses, ready to take on the job as your best friend.

Hailey is an attentive pup and takes notice of your movements and needs. She gets excited upon your demonstrations of joy and calms in response to your relaxed motions. She’s doesn’t pay toys much attention but appreciates a good squishy pillow, bed or blanket to roll around in.

Please help me find a home!

Type of Home Needed

Hailey would benefit from a home with a large yard or access to a park to stretch her long legs. While Hailey enjoys running around in an open space and going for walks, she’s very content with hanging out with her fellow humans. She loves attention whether it’s from one person or many, so any family style would be suitable for her, however because she’s a big girl and likes to jump, children over the age of 12 would be most suitable.

Prefer local adoption in Beijing, but we can also rehome to: USA, UK, Sweden, Germany and Hong Kong.


Hailey was rescued from a truck heading for slaughter back in October 2016 in Changchun, China. She, among many of her comrades, were rescued and taken to Beijing for treatment and rehabilitation. She suffered from malnutrition, mange and a vaginal prolapse, at the time of rescue but has since fully recovered.

Interested? Let us know.

Please contact Caitlin for more information.
Email: avoiceforanimals@yahoo.com / WeChat: Caitlin4444