About Hiroshima

Location: Beijing

Sex: female

Age: approx. 8yr


Hiroshima likes the company of people and other dogs, it just would take her a little while to get familiar with new friends because she is a little shy due to her past history. Once she feels safe and familiarised with the environment and people, she’ll come out of her shell and start being a very smart, loving and affectionate dog.

Please help me find a home!

Type of home needed

Hiroshima needs a home that is caring, loving and patient. Always walk her with leash, register her and can take her if they ever relocate away from Beijing.

Prefer local adoption in Beijing, but we can also rehome to: USA, UK, Sweden, Germany and Hong Kong.


Hiroshima has been a semi-stray for most of her life. She has never had the love or care a family pet deserves. She has never drunk any clear water nor had any proper food. She was used as a guard dog for a recycling yard where she lived outside throughout the year. When the people moved away, they left her there alone.

But she was lucky to be rescued by her foster mother who took her home and has been looking after her since the day she arrived. She had shower for the first time, slept on a proper bed for the first time, ate proper food for the first time.

Hiroshima has recently been adopted for a short period of time by a local family in Beijing, but they have returned her back to the foster home because they didn’t want to deal with the hustle of treating the minus skin issue Hiroshima has developed at their home. So she is now available for adoption again and recovering from the skin issue which has been treated accordingly to advices provided by veterinarian.

Interested? Let us know.

Please contact Anna for more information.
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