About Kane

Location: Beijing

Sex: male

Age: 4+ months

Breed: small mixed


Kane is a happy, loving and independent dog. He is friendly and good with new people.

Please help me find a home!

Type of Home Needed

All kinds of nice home that are spacious can potentially be suitable for Kane. He is a young sweet puppy who is friendly to people.


A man had a puppy (Kane) caged at the subway station, an unbearable sight! So the rescuer Dilna paid the man a small amount and took the puppy to the vet, and name him Kane. Upon checkup by the vet, Kane is confirmed healthy and can be rehomed immediately.

Interested? Contact Dilna.

Email: dilna.naran@hotmail.com
WeChat: Dilna_Naran
Tel.: +86 13552900437