Puppy #4

About Puppy #4

Location: Beijing

Sex: male

Age: 1+ month

Breed: mixed


He is the sweetest baby. He would wait patiently to be fed. Very clingy and cuddly. Loves to be held, ready to be loved!

Please help me find a home!

Type of Home Needed

To all potential adopters:

  1. Must neuter/spay when the puppy comes to age.
  2. Because the puppies were without their mother when rescued, we don’t know how big they’ll grow to be, so if size is a potential issue maybe not adopt from this litter.
  3. Vaccination and registration (essential for within Beijing)
  4. There’s always an option to foster. If you realise they are not suitable after taking them home, the rescuer will take them back, no question asked.
  5. Always leash when going outside, safety first.
  6. Send regular updates to the rescuer – we’d love to hear how well and happy they are in their new homes!


His mom was reported and taken away when he (and his 6 siblings) was just 5 days old. The 7 puppies were rescued and bottle-fed. These cute and healthy puppies based in Beijing, are looking for loving forever/foster homes!

Please share if you know anyone who might be interested.

Interested? Contact Claire.

Email: chu.claire@icloud.com
WeChat: chuclairechu
Tel.: +86 14714428771

Puppy #4