About Zoe

Location: Beijing

Sex: female

Age: approx. 7yr


Zoe is a very calm and elegant lady. She likes people, especially females, she would come and sit next to you to keep your company.

Please help me find a home!

Type of Home Needed

Zoe would be the ideal companion for an individual or a couple. A calm, quiet and caring home without other pet(s) would be most suitable for her.

Prefer local adoption in Beijing, but we can also rehome to: USA, UK, Sweden, Germany and Hong Kong.


Zoe was found by her rescuer Anna while she was feeding other stray cats. Zoe looked as if she has been abandoned or lost not long ago. She trusts people and was very friendly, so Anna decided to take her back to Mooncorner and start looking for a forever home for her.

Interested? Let us know.