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Neuter/spay & Microchipping for
Rescued & Stray Dogs

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SNAP Programme

Neuter/Spay and Microchip

A strategically planned animal welfare programme launched in July 2013 in Beijing, China.

Number of dogs helped:


The project is on-going, and the figures will be updated monthly according to progress.

What’s included in the “SNAP” service?

  • Neuter/spay & microchipping, including database registration
  • Hospitalisation for 3 days after surgery
  • A pack of quality dog food

Want to help us “SNAP” more dogs?

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The SNAP programme aims to provide welfare aid to stray dogs in Beijing through trap/rescue, neuter/spay and microchipping. The long-term goal is to develop this programme into a network of animal welfare projects and implemented by partner groups across China.

Spaying or neutering is one of the most efficient methods to control the population of stray animals (mainly cats and dogs). These routine medical procedures not only reduce the number of animals who enter shelters, but they may also prevent medical and behavioural problems from developing in a cat or dog, allowing the animal to lead a longer, healthier and happier life.

Spaying or neutering is unlikely to change an animal’s temperament, basic personality or levels of playfulness and general activity. However, it can reduce the incidence of some behavioural issues, especially sexual behaviours, such as mounting, howling and the urge to roam. And despite what some believe, animals show no signs of “missing” mating or breeding.

Na Na and Wangzi have received the "SNAP" service recently

Na Na and Wangzi are two of the dogs received the “SNAP” service

Through the SNAP programme, we can efficiently and effectively manage the population of stray dogs on the streets and those in grassroots shelters, and in time, bring the stray population under control. More importantly, prevent animal cruelty and reduce the number of animals being stolen, snatched or poisoned for the illegal cat and dog meat trade, resolve the problem and conflict in the Chinese society regarding stray animals, fundamentally.

We rely solely on donations to carry out the this programme. Please make a donation today and help us snap a dog out of misery and into happiness. A neutered/spayed and microchipped dog stands much higher chance to be adopted and live a better life.

Check out Twitter #TACNSNAPstory for the stories of the dogs who benefitted from the SNAP Programme.