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Veganuary 2018 is going big in China

Veganuary China

Veganuary 2018 is taking off in China!

As the vegan movement in China develops, we have seen so many more vegan themed events happening across the country, especially in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Because of the popularity of these vegan events, more and more people are made aware of the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and are interested in trying it out.

Veganuary 纯素一月
is growing more popular in China

Since 2015, various groups in Hong Kong and mainland China have promoted the campaign and the number of people taking part has been growing gradually each year. In 2016, almost 1,000 signups have been recorded by a local independent effort.

In the summer of 2016, TACN became the official campaign partner to promote Veganuary in mainland China. Throughout 2016 and this year (2017), with the help from our official project partner ThinkCloud (Beijing), our team has executed many vegan outreach events promoting different international organisations and their campaigns, including Veganuary. In November, we have extended our reach to the biggest cosmopolitan city of China – Shanghai, we’re working with local vegan groups to grow the outreach efforts in and around the city.

Photo: Compassionate Cities • Beijing event on 9th Dec. 2017

Veganuary China 2018

The effort to raise awareness of Veganuary has begun early in the year during multiple events. December is the most crucial time to promote the campaign, so we have assembled a team to maximise our impact and provide support to the participants in both English and Chinese.

So far, the campaign team has 5 members who are pushing the campaign messages through online and offline channels and provide assistance and support to participants via our officially established WeChat group.


  • Andy is fluent in Chinese and has lived in Beijing for 2 years before returning to the UK.
  • Caitlin is the founder of A Voice for Animals, coordinator of vegan art exhibitions in Beijing.
  • Grace is the founder of TACN and the Veganuary China campaign lead.
  • Mariya is the Regional Manager of TACN and organiser of Compassionate Cities events in Beijing.
  • Sarah is the founder of Furry Tales, organiser of vegan outreach events in Beijing and manager of Veganuary China bilingual WeChat support group.


We continue to collaborate with ThinkCloud (Beijing) to extend the reach of Veganuary China 2018 via many events in Beijing, including the upcoming Christmas Vegan Market. In addition, we’re also collaborating with Veg Planet, which is the biggest vegan lifestyle brand as well as a community for veggie lovers in China.


As the awareness of Veganuary grows in China, we expect more collaborations and recognition from local groups that are influential and impactful to help take the campaign to the next level in China.

Veganuary 2018 is going big in China