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2017 Autumn Vegan Conference in China


2017 Autumn ChinaFit Vegan Conference is a major vegan themed event in Beijing, featuring activities, vegan art exhibition and informative talks about health, fitness, bodybuilding, environment, global vegan movement and much more. It is part of the ChinaFit Fitness Convention and Tradeshow which is the largest annual event of the Chinese commercial fitness industry.


Vegan Art Exhibition

The exhibition will take place throughout the 2-day event, featuring 14 vegan artists, including Catalina Plaza, Emma Lord, Evelyn Suttle, Leigh Sanders, Lynda Bell, Mystic Missy Fu, Nigel Follett, Paula Menetrey, Philip McCulloch-Downs, Reverz Lab, OneHeart Illustration, Sara Sechi, Twyla Francois and Verite Mora Valle.

A collaboration between TACN and The Art of Compassion Project

iAnimal VR experience

Produced by Animal Equality, the iAnimal VR kits will be available at the event for visitors to view the virtual reality chicken and pig farm films, as well as the brand new film about dairy farms. Come join us and experience this groundbreaking VR innovation.

Beijing is the first city in China to host the iAnimal VR experience.

China National Convention Center
No. 7 Tianchendonglu, Chaoyang, Beijing
北京市朝阳区天辰东路 7 号

 14 – 15 November 2017 09:00 – 18:00
Opening ceremony begins at 08:50 on 14th Nov

Except for forums and classes

Guest Speakers

Sebastian Joy
Sebastian Joy
Sebastian Joy
Sebastian Joy
Sebastian Joy
Sebastian Joy
Sebastian Joy
Sebastian Joy
Sebastian Joy
Sebastian Joy
Sebastian Joy
Sebastian Joy
Sebastian Joy

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More About the Event

The 2017 ChinaFit Convention and Tradeshow will occupy 4 floors covering 25,000 square meters exhibition area, and attract an estimated number of 20,000 visitors. One entire floor will be dedicated to the 2017 ChinaFit Vegan Conference which will have:

1 All-day classroom
1 Mainstage
2 Days of free vegan lunch
4 Themed exhibition areas
6 Themed topics
10+ Experts in the health and nutrition field
40+ Exhibitors
50+ Partner organisations
100+ Volunteers
300sqm food court
400sqm healthy organic product showroom
4,000 Healthy nutritious vegan lunch
10,000+ Fitness professionals from across China

Event Host

ChinaFit + 21DayHealthyDiet

Organiser & Sponsor

TACN + ThinkCloud

2017 Autumn Vegan Conference in China