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The biggest vegan event in Beijing


The largest annual fitness event in China is helping grow the vegan movement across the country.

On 27th and 28th June, ChinaFit Natural Organic and Healthy Nutrition Conference took place at the China National Convention Center in Beijing, the capital of China. As part of the ChinaFit Fitness Convention and Trade Show, the event attracted an estimated number of 35,000 visitors from across China and abroad.

The event featured speakers such as well known vegan advocates, celebrities and bodybuilders, including Robert Cheeke from the USA. Speakers shared their experiences and knowledge covering a wide spectrum related to veganism, health and fitness, topics including plant-based cooking, vegan lifestyle, personal journeys, bodybuilding, global vegan movement, travel experiences across China as a vegan and much more.

The event was hosted by ChinaFit and 21DayHealthyDiet and was supported by Towards a Compassionate Nation (TACN) and ThinkCloud Beijing. During the event, TACN and ThinkCloud Beijing held an animal rights art exhibition right next to the main stage and it was very popular among the visitors.

The art exhibition featured seven vegan artists from around the world, including: Alba Paris, Emma Lord, Lynda Bell, Nigel Follett, OneHeart Illustration, Philip McCulloch-Downs and Sara SechiFour of the artists have also donated their signed artworks to be auctioned at the biggest vegan dinner party for charity, which was held in the evening on the first day of the event and was attended by 600 VIP guests.

“The main purpose of TACN being part of this remarkable event was to bring the latest news about vegan movement around the world to the audiences in China, to help inspire more animal rights and vegan activists and bring animals to the centre of people’s attention, therefore help people make the connection.” says Grace, founder of TACN.

As a result, the iAnimal VR experience by Animal Equality, the Veganuary campaign, the vegan fashion brand ETHCS and a Beijing based local animal welfare group A Voice for Animals (AVFA) have also been a big part of this event through collaboration with TACN.

The success of the event was made possible by hundreds of volunteers, staff, supporters and of course tens of thousands of visitors who showed great interest in all the vegan food, activities and talks at the event. There are many more vegan events coming up across China as the vegan movement blooms, it’s exciting to see more and more individuals, groups and organisations campaigning actively and forming a strong foundation to expand the vegan movement in China.

Being the change we wish to see in the world!

Special thanks to: Andy, Angel, Caitlin, Catherine, Cormac, Jasper, Sarah, Tasmin and those who came and supported us at the event.

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The biggest vegan event in Beijing