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4.07 Rescue Survivors

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TACN team member and partner shelter – Yixin

is run by a few devoted and dedicated individuals. With no grants or support from the government, Yixin depends solely on donations from loving and caring supporters to provide for the animals they care for.


With such a large number of animals, however, Yixin’s already limited resources have been depleted much faster than any funds they could potentially raise themselves.

They are part of such a tiny minority of people in China who are willing to do whatever they can for every animal they can. They sacrifice their own money; money that would otherwise go towards providing for their own meager lives. These are not rich people, and they are willing to live even tougher lives in order to provide any benefit they can to animals in need. What they lack in money, they try to make up for in time and work for the animals. Unfortunately, that leaves them little time or resources to raise the kinds of funds that this ever growing population of rescued animals needs.

By developing a partnership, together we are able to achieve bigger things, and to help more animals in need. By working together, we are able to operate across China and grow the number of our volunteers and rescuers to help with our projects nation wide, including investigation, animal rescue, public education and much more.

Recent successes made by our team at Yixin:

  • 20th April 2012 – Kunming dog rescue
  • 2nd March 2013 – Guiyang dog rescue
  • 7th April 2013 – Kunming dog rescue, rescued 263 dogs (Find out more)
  • 12th October 2013 – Shutdown local slaughterhouse and rescued 43 large sized dogs (Full Story Here)