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Cat and Dog Meat Trade Survivors

We’re seeing more and more dogs and cats rescued from the cat and dog meat trade in China, each rescue requires huge amount of work and fund to provide medical treatment and care for the animals that are often in critical conditions and cruelly handled by the traffickers.

Many of them require immediate medical attention and treatment, followed by intensive care to nurse them back to health.

We are providing help and advices to organisations and volunteers involved in the recent truck rescues in and around Beijing, many dogs have been hospitalised in our partner vet clinics who would provide medication and treatments on a hugely discounted rate. We rely sole on donations to cover the cost for treating and nursing these dog-meat trade survivors.

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Abandoned and Neglected Animals

When animals get rescued, they normally are in a unhealthy condition due to time spent on the streets, or they are normally abandoned due to illness or injury.

Many of them require immediate medical attention and treatment, followed by intensive care to nurse them back to health. We’ll always do whatever it takes to save injured, sick and vulnerable animals in our care. Whether that means performing life-saving surgery for animals in desperate need; proiding one-on-one behavioural training for mistreated dogs; or giving care and attention as we get animals ready for their forever homes.

Our recent rescued dog, Dorje, an abandoned Tibetan Mastiff suffered severe skin condition, with fur falling off his skin and badly swelling paws. It requires months of treatment and care to nurse him back to health, and Dorje is currently still at the vet clinic but on his way to recovery.

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Abandoned and Disabled Animals

Young boy Seven had been badly abused before we found him, he suffered a dislocated hind leg as well as a server fractured bottom jaw. Because his leg injury was too old, the veterinary had to amputate his leg. And Seven recently received a further surgery to repair his fractured jaw.

As a non-profit organisation, we rely entirely on our supporters-and your generosity now is more important to us than ever. The next 2-3 months are going to be challenging, but exciting, too, with our “SNAP” (TNR & Microchipping) starts in late June. We’ll be sterilising and microchipping at least 200 dogs in the local area in Beijing to set an example of how to manage stray dog population effectively and efficiently to other Chinese local groups, also combine a veterinary training programme while the project progress. Of course, these come with a financial cost.

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Stray Animals

TACN treats and sterilises stray and rescued dogs and cats whenever we can. Many of these dogs and cats require life saving, emergency treatment.You may not be in China, but you can still help these animals by donating to TACN Emergency Fund or become a monthly sponsor for TACN.

By making a donation, you will be making sure these dogs & cats receive the care and treatment that they desperately need and deserve.

Your donation is their lifeline. Together, WE CAN make a difference!

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