Jing Nan

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Jing Nan 京南

Age: 8
Gender: Female
Date Rescued: 27 March 2015
Vaccinated and spayed

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More about Jing Nan:

Rescued by Ping An A Fu’s volunteer in Beijing during short visit. TACN took over after the rescue, sent the dog to partner clinic right away and named her Jing Nan – means “south Beijing”. Jing Nan fainted twice at the clinic due to weakness and extremely low blood pressure, she was only 5kg when she was rescued!

Jing Nan was extremely thin and have symptoms of nerve damage as she couldn’t walk properly but circling around. But after weeks of careful and intensive treatment and care, Jing Nan recovered well and is now a healthy dog, she has gained much needed weight and can walk and run just like a normal dog would. She has also had spay and tumor resection surgery and recovered very well.

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