Mao Mao

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Mao Mao 毛毛

Age: 5 years
Gender: Male
Date Rescued: 12 2009

Hurrah! I’ve found home!

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to those who have sponsored me, loved me and supported TACN, it’s with your help I finally found a home to call my own. Please continue to help the other animals at TACN Beijing Rescue Centre, they’re my friends and I hope they find their home very soon!

My story:

I’m Maomao, I’m a lovely purebred Golden Retriever. I was born in 2009. When I was only a month old and not yet weaned, the dealers mercilessly abandoned me at the animal hospital simply because I have a congenital disability: one of my legs didn’t grow a paw. So I was shut up in a cage, waiting to be dealt with. Yes, that’s right, in a bird cage! But apart from my paw, I was really healthy and full of energy. My rescuer Xiaoli saw me and immediately decided to take me home and take care of me. Because I was still small, everyday Xiaoli had to feed me baby milk powder, until I grew up to 4 months old. That was when I was most adorable. Xiaoli was busy then every day rescuing stray animals; she regretted not being able to spend more time with me as a puppy. I’m now 5 years old, and I’ve become calmer and wiser — no longer such a naughty boy! Despite my disabled leg, my heart is full of sunshine and happiness.

I’m getting ready to go to my new home in the US, yeah!

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