• yangyang_tacn

Yang Yang 羊羊

Gender: Female
Date Rescued: Sep 2014 (dog meat trade #928Rescue)
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If you love me and want to give me a forever loving home, please email for adoption details. Please read our Rehoming Procedure before contacting us.

More about Yang Yang:

I was rescued from the dog meat trade in Northern China during a successful but difficult rescue (#928Rescue). I was very thin, skin and bones. The rescue took very long because we had to stay on site for over 21 days quarantine period when my rescuers and other amazing humans worked tirelessly looking after us. I was one of the lucky ones who survived till the end, as many other dogs have died during this long wait.

After the quarantine, me and several other survivors were relocated to a shelter in Gu An, a place on the outside of Beijing. Because I was still so thin and need extra care, I then was taken to TACN shelter for more intensive care. Now I’m back on my feed, start gaining more weight and becoming a healthy dog.

I love to play and get on well with my friends at the shelter. I have big ears and look a little bit like a sheep, so they named me Yang Yang (means sheep), and this year (2015) is the year of the sheep, so it’s my year! I’m now all healthy and ready, I can finally start looking for a home to call my own.

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