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Sanlang 三郎 (Saburo)

Age: 6 years

Gender: Male

Date Rescued: 12 2008

More info:
I’m a black Cocker Spaniel who was a beautiful, healthy puppy. But August 2008, my life was turned upside down, when my owner was taking me for a walk down the Xidan street in Beijing, I was knocked over by a car coming from the opposite direction. The driver didn’t brake, nor reduce his speed, he just drove off!

My owner looked down at me lying on the ground, then he turned around and left me. I had been abandoned while I was still alive but luckily a girl helped me and took me to the hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, the vet wasn’t keen on spending much time planning my surgery; instead he took the easiest way out and amputated my injured back leg even though it could have been saved. I became a disabled dog, missing my left hind leg, but at least my life was saved.

Then I was put into foster care in the animal rescue centre, with no immediate prospect of salvation. Five years later, I’m still waiting for adoption and sponsorship. These past five years, I’ve been enjoying my food and have grown into a little chubby boy, so I need a loving parent(s) who can take care of me, interact with me and help me to get more exercise and to be more healthy.

Help Sanlang

By becoming a sponsor for £2 a month, or, by an one-off donation, you can contribute to help Sanlang with his daily needs and an opportunity to find a forever loving home, also help us to tackle the dog and cat meat trade!

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