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Age: 1 year
Gender: Male
Date Rescued: June 2013

Hurrah! I’ve found home!

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to those who have sponsored me, loved me and supported TACN, it’s with your help I finally found a home to call my own. Please continue to help the other animals at TACN Beijing Rescue Centre, they’re my friends and I hope they find their home very soon!

My story:

I was living in a public toilet at a warehouse for as long as I remember. I didn’t have anything and was living on the toilet water and leftover food given to me by some kind people from the warehouse, and one of my hind leg was poorly, I couldn’t use it at all so I dragged it on the floor when I walk, it was very uncomfortable and painful.

Luckily, I was found by my rescuer who took me to the hospital and they amputated my hind leg because the injury was too old to repair. I recovered quickly and adapted to my 3-legged body very well. Now I’ve been living at TACN shelter for many months, I can run around no problem and love playing with my furry friends.

I’ve grown to be a handsome boy and I am a really good family companion. Read more of my story here.

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