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Shunzi 顺子 (Junko)

Age: 6 years

Gender: Female

Date Rescued: 11 2008

More info:
I was a stray wandering the streets, starving and filthy. My rescuer saw me, fed me and saved me from worse. When checked by the vet, they learnt that I was pregnant and were glad that I was rescued before giving birth to the puppies.

I was pretty healthy, so after being vaccinated I went to live at the shelter and not long after gave birth to just one puppy. Because I was inexperienced, I accidentally squashed my own baby. I was very upset but still glad to have a place to stay with food and water provided for me.

I’m very friendly and smart, and I love attention from people, so I’m looking forward to finding my very own parent(s) and forever home.

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By becoming a sponsor for £2 a month, or, by an one-off donation, you can contribute to help Shunzi with her daily needs and opportunity to find her a forever home, also help us to tackle the dog and cat meat trade!

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