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Wawa 娃娃 (Dolly)

Age: 2 years

Gender: Female

Date Rescued: 01 2012

More info:
It was the winter of 2012 in Tongzhou, a chef who worked at construction site told my rescuer that he had been hearing puppy cries coming from under the storage room every night. My rescuer suspected that it was probably because a puppy was staying there to keep warm in the cold weather. In fact, it was me who was hiding there all that time. At the time, I was even smaller than a cat. I was timid and afraid of people and stood crying and quaking from the cold.

My rescuer built a temporary shelter and warm space for me behind the house using cardboard boxes; she even put her own sweater on the floor to keep me warm. Since then I never wanted to leave this cardboard box again, even while I was eating. The cardboard box was keeping me safe and warm. During 2013, the Spring Festival was closing in and everyone headed home for some family time, in order not to leave me alone at construction sites my rescuer had to take me back to TACN Beijing Rescue Centre. In March I was taken to be neutered.

I know how to roll over on the ground in order to get attention and treats. I learned quickly not to compete with the big dogs for food every meal, but to eat back in my cage. I am small and obedient and would have no problem being integrated into a family.

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