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Xixi 熙熙 (Morning Light)

Age: 3 years

Gender: Female

Date Rescued: 09 2012

More info:
One morning in September 2012, around 7:00, my rescuer Xiaoli found me on her way to work. My neck was tightly strung with wire and because of the pain I walked with a limp and felt driven to distraction. Xiaoli squatted down and softly called to me. Upon hearing the calls I obediently walked up to her and she gently stroked my head. I gently licked her hand and hoping she could save me. When Xiaoli got up to leave for work, I silently followed behind her. She couldn’t bear the thought of me as a stray, so she took me home, got some pliers and cut off the wire that was tightly strung around my neck. Although the flesh on my neck was all rotten and very painful, I didn’t make one bit of noise.

After a lapse of two months, Xiaoli took me to be neutered and vaccinated. My name is now Xixi, which means ‘Morning Light’, because I was found and saved on a beautiful morning.

I am gentle, well-behaved, and never fight or guard food. I am friendly with people and like being petted. I’ve been living here for over a year and am looking forward to finding my forever home.

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By becoming a sponsor for £2 a month, or, by an one-off donation, you can contribute to help Xixi with her daily needs and an opportunity to find a forever loving home, also help us to tackle the dog and cat meat trade!

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