Can you help us to name this little guy we rescued recently?

His temporary name is Chouchou (smelly), because he was rescued out of a public toilet. But we don’t want him to carry his past with him to his brand new life. So we want everyone to join in with naming this brave little boy. Just leave your name suggestions in the comment or on our Facebook page, and we’ll choose few to be voted in a name poll for final selection.

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Rescue Story

One day while we following a stray cat into a courtyard of a cargo warehouse we were told by the staff there was a disabled dog living in the public toilet there.


Some of the kindhearted staff had been feeding the dog and made him a little bed in the female toilet, where he was kinda safe and hidden away from all the dangers. Chouchou had been living in a public toilet for a long while until we found him. DSCN4770When we first got into the toilet he was living, we were heartbroken to see this little disabled dog shivering in the corner on his “bed”, and there were some mouldy leftover food on the side, and the dirty water in the toilet were all he had.

Because we didn’t come prepared with a crate could fit him in, we had to leave him there for another night and come back for him the next day with essential rescue equipments. So we found a big cardboard box and upgraded his “bed” for the time being to block the wind.

One of his back legs seems dislocated from the joint as looking at this photo taken by the staff at the warehouse.



The dirty trial on the floor were left by this little dog as one of his back legs was injured so he couldn’t walk properly and had to drag his lower body while moving.

We told the staff at the warehouse to keep him safe and give him some proper food until we come over and take him with us the next day when the gate of this warehouse is opened in the morning.

The next day we arrived at the warehouse’s toilet, and glad to see this little dog were still there, shivering…but not for long, not anymore. It was as if he knew we were there to save him, he crawled his way into the crate we laid on the floor, made the whole rescue process a lot easier for all of us.

We took him straight to the vet for a full checkup and recovery. Once we got to the vet, we saw the leg he had been dragging on the floor was all bloody and frazzled, and the little guy was very weak due to lack of food and nutrients.

This little guy currently being treated and recovering at Ai Zhi Du Animal Hospital. aizhidu-hospital

The veterinary took an x-ray of his injured leg and discovered a dislocated joint on his right back leg.

There wasn’t much option for the vet to do with his leg, as the injury was so old, and the joint had grew faultily. So we decided to observe him for few weeks first, while he was neutered and vaccinated first, and we can make decision on what to do with his injured leg after he’s recovered and gained more strength.

Arrived at the vet


At the end, we took the vet’s suggestion to have his injured leg amputated. Since we already have couple of disabled dogs without one or two legs living at our shelter but still enjoying their lives to the full, we thought this wouldn’t be too bad for this little guy. He could learn to walk on three legs again, rather than dragging both back legs.

Now, Chouchou is recovering from his main surgery and practising on using his three legs. He’s doing really well, had getting stronger by the day. From his eyes we could tell he’s much happier and couldn’t wait to get back to the shelter and meet his brothers and sisters from other mothers.


With all your help we have named this little guy Seven, which was picked out of many suggestions we have received. Seven is easy to pronounce and understood by our Chinese team and Seven’s rescuer, the Chinese version of Seven as a name is also reflect his cheeky personality.