On 7th of December 2013, our swedish volunteer Camilla visited and helped out at our rescue centre in Beijing, China. This day was also the burial of Little Gremlin. TACN’s regional director Xiaoli, who is also the main manager of our rescue centre in Beijing, accompanied Camilla and our long-term hard-worker volunteer Ling carried out much needed works including checking the health and skin condition of all our animals.

Camilla had previous experiences working with animals and nursing at an animal hospital, so with her help and professional advices we had done really well on the day.

Straight after arriving at our rescue centre, Camilla was welcomed by our dogs, and she got into working right away, examining the teeth, ears, skin conditions of the animals. Couple of our long haired dogs also received the VIP grooming service, 1 of them is the lucky Spaniel Sanlang.

The animals loved having Camilla around them so did us, and it really shows that love is beyond borders. Although Xiaoli and Ling did struggle with their English, they have managed to use a combination of English words and body language to get their message across and to understand Camilla.

We do have volunteer translator who occasionally help us out but due to work commitment and busy schedule they couldn’t always assist. So if you are or know someone who want to help us with our translation (Chinese & English) please let us know.