After weeks of intensive treatment and care, Snow has now recovered and has returned to live at TACN Beijing Rescue Centre along with his new friends and families.

With a playful and friendly personality, it didn’t take Snow long to get along with all the other dogs at the shelter.  While all of them seem to be enjoying each others’ company, a few dogs have particularly grown fond of Snow, including one of the meat trade survivor, Heiniu.

2014-02-23-09.58.35 Heiniu seems to be especially happy around handsome Snow :)

Since the very beginning of Snow’s rescue, our Swedish volunteer Camilla has taken a big part of Snow’s recovery progress. She visited Snow in a regular basis at the hospital and made sure that he received appropriate amount of exercises during his treatment and recovery period.  Thanks to volunteers like Camilla, previously injured and traumatized Snow has not only made an amazing physical recovery but has also regained his confidence and spirit!  When Camilla and her husband came to visit the shelter a couple of days ago, Snow was so excited to see them and happily showing off his favorite toys. Snow doesn’t show any sign of aggression or mistrust of humans or other dogs.


It will take some time for Snow to grow out his fur, he is no doubt a healthy and happy dog now.  With or without the signature fluffy fur of a Samoyed, Snow is a beautiful dog inside and out. The following pictures are evidences of Snow’s truly extraordinary transformation.
Aside from Camilla and her husband, the shelter also welcomed two special guests from Ecuador, Maria and her husband. All of the animals at the shelter are always very happy when there are visitors in the shelter.  Visitors mean extra petting, playing time, and treats for them. Above all, the attention and petting they receive from the visitors are easily their favorite. Maomao (Fury), a three-pawed beautiful Gold Retriever, was particularly loving the attention from Maria. He just couldn’t get enough of her hugs.


Along with Snow, we also have a few other new additions to our shelter family – a brave doggie mom and her five precious babies.

2014-02-05 07.39.36This family of six was found in a residential complex shivering in the cold. The puppies appeared to be only few weeks old and healthy.Their mother is very sweet and gentle. She is surprisingly trusting of humans in spite of being a stray with 5 newborn pups. Luckily, we found them before anything bad happens to them.

They are now under our gentle care and joined with the other animal residents at the shelter. The whole family have been checked by our trusted vet, and the mom will be spayed soon. Coincidentally, the doggie mom, newly named Miya, looks a lot like Camilla’s family dog Black back in Sweden. Camilla was still in Sweden when she found out about the rescue of the family.  During this Camilla’s last visit at the shelter, she and her husband officially became proud parents of one of the lucky puppies, now named Wilson.

Little Wilson has already moved into his new home and seemed to be adjusting well. He enjoys his comfy bed, new toys, and most of all, the undivided love from his new parents. We are all so happy for Wilson and his new found family.


All the remaining four puppies (all female) have been vaccinated and will be spayed when they reach 6 months of age. We are actively seeking a loving home for each one of them. If you are interested in adopting, please  regarding our adoption policy and procedures both within China and internationally.


IMG_3738 Wangwang was teaching the puppies how to pose for camera

Alternatively, you can also help these innocent animals by IMG_3749becoming a sponsor for as little as $4 a month, or, by a one-off donation. Your donations will help with basic needs such as food, treats and medication for the rescued animals, as well as giving the opportunity to find them forever homes.With support from supporters like you, we could keep helping more animals in need. Your donations are life saving gifts for the suffering animals in China and beyond. And your gift will make a difference!