In China, there are a group of people who have voluntarily taken up the responsibility of caring for and protecting the stray cats in their community and neighbourhood. Every day, they go out and patrol the streets of their neighbourhood to protect the stray cats from cat poachers.


They make sure that the stray cats have enough food and fresh water and take the cats to the local vets when it’s necessary. They work with other local animal rescuers to neuter/spay the cats. These people are in every city and every residential community through out China.

People call them QunHu (群护). In English, this phrase means “Group Protection”. We say they are the stray cats’ Guardian Angels. These people are ordinary citizens doing extraordinary things. They have sacrificed their time with families and friends while doing everything they can to protect the stray cats.

To help some of them out and start the New Year with love and abundant food for the stray cats, TACN held a special “New Year’s Eve Dinner for Stray Cats”.


This project was an online fundraiser with the goal of raising enough money to provide a special dinner on Chinese New Year’s Eve for all of the cats in 50 different “cat patrolling neighbourhoods” in Beijing.

The outcome of this fundraiser campaign has been truly heart warming. We started raising funds on Jan. 16th with the goal of reaching 6,500RMB. We were so fortunate to reach our goal in just two short days after we received donations from 318 loving people throughout China! We used the funds to purchase 50 bags of cat food and delivered them to the specified areas in Beijing.


This amount of the food was enough to give two very generous meals to each of the approximately 800 cats. Each of these 800 balls of furry strays celebrated the beginning of the year of the Horse with their guardian angels while enjoying a very special dinner. Chinese New Year’s Eve was a wonderful start to the new year, and TACN along with the Guardian Angels hope to continue this lovely tradition from here on out!

Much love, respect, and a very happy Chinese New Year to you all!

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