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Angel 安琪儿

Age: 10 Months
Gender: Female
Date Rescued: June 2014
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By becoming a sponsor for £2 a month, or, by an one-off donation, you can contribute to help Angel with her daily needs and to fund an appropriate solution for her disability, also help us to tackle the dog and cat meat trade!

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If you love me and want to give me a forever loving home, please email for adoption details.

Angel is currently saving up for her wheelchair/prosthetics, can you help her fill up her piggy bank?

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More about Angel:

Angel was abandoned when she was just over 2 months old, found in a corner at a residential community. Someone was kind enough to put out some food, water and a blanket for her, that’s all this little puppy had. She not only had no home, she doesn’t have front paws either, unable to move far she was stuck and vulnerable.

As soon as we received the phone call from the person who spotted her, we immediately arranged a rescue and brought her back to our shelter in Beijing. We knew if we didn’t act fast, she would not last long. Luckily we got to her before anything bad happen to her.

Angel is currently living at TACN Beijing Rescue Centre and temporarily “adopted” by our shelter dog Poppy, so she’s very happy and she brought more happiness to everyone at the shelter, too.

Angel will get her health check by our associated vet every other month, receive her vaccination and deworming tablets when she’s due, also will be spayed when she’s old enough. We are planning to get Angel a wheelchair to help her move around when she’s ready, so your kind donations will mean a lot for us getting this sweet little girl the care and treatment she deserves, and hopefully find her a forever loving home when she’s ready.
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