Mei Mei

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Mei Mei 妹妹

Age: 14 years
Gender: Female
Date Rescued: 11 2001
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More info:

I’m a 12-year-old girl now, and I can confidently say that I changed the life of TACN co-founder Xiaoli when she rescued me. Xiaoli always says that I taught her about the companionship of dogs, and made her aware of the poor animals waiting to be saved.

Throughout my long life, I’ve witnessed the hard work my mum has put in to help animals. I’ve also seen and known many animals that have come to live at the shelter; some of them have been adopted, or have gone to doggie heaven. I’ve always been patient with other animals who have come to live with us as I knew they all have had tough lives.

I’m just so glad to have been saved and now I can witness the great changes brought about by passionate and loving people for all the animals.

Unfortunately, I’m not up for adoption as I’m too attached to my rescuer and have become a family member here at TACN Beijing Rescue Centre.
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