The 69 cats that have been taken in by the TACN Beijing team and V-Cats arrived in Beijing on the evening of Jan 22nd.

69 survivors from the Wuhan Cat Rescue have arrived in Beijing, 3 have been adopted, 36 need homes and 30 are hospitalised as of 27th of Jan.


Upon arrival, we temporarily placed all of the cats in a location that was rented for this occasion. Volunteers from both TACN and V-Cats assessed the health condition of the cats and found out that almost half of them are in fairly poor condition.  Many of the cats were badly injured, and some of them even have open wounds. Some of them have been traumatized, and a few of them are showing signs of aggression and mistrust of humans caused by their horrific experiences previously.

While it is no doubt heartbreaking to know the kind of horror these innocent, defenceless lives have gone through, our team has been working hard to ensure that only good things happen from here onwards. As of now, 3 of the 69 cats have been adopted. 36 of the 69 cats are currently available for adoption.  Meanwhile, they are being housed in different rescue groups (including TACN), and with a variety of individuals in Beijing. The rest are currently hospitalised, we hope to see speedy recoveries from all of them.

One of the cats taken in by us, named Zhenzhu (Pearl) is currently being treated as she has got distemper, we have been monitoring her progress closely and providing her with the best care we could offer.


TACN will provide free microchipping and national database registry (our recently launched XINPET programme) for all of these cats.

For the future safety of these cat-meat-trade survivors, as well as promoting responsible pet ownership, we have made microchipping one of our mandatory requirements for future cat-adopters. More details about our XINPET programme will be available shortly.

Where are the rest of the cats?

Aside from the above mentioned 69 cats, about 1,100 of the 2,800 cats were either allowed to run away or secretly taken away by some of the Wuhan Small Animal Society’s people.  Heartbreakingly, there were far, far more cats than rescuers, and given the ongoing confrontation with the smugglers, some of the cats were not able to be taken back to the shelters.  Please understand that most mass rescues, such as this one, often end up failing due to many potential problems. While the rescue was ongoing, no one knew what the outcome would be, given the awful circumstances the activists and volunteers had to act with whatever power they had to save as many cats as they could.

We all mourn the 160 beautiful cats that passed away either before the arrival of our volunteers or before the cats were successfully rescued.  In spite of all the trails and hardships, there have been some pretty incredible victories.  482 cats have now been adopted. 260 cats are cared for by Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association. The rest, about 880 cats, have been taken in by different rescue groups and individuals from different parts of China: 

  • Anyuan Shelter : 40
  • XuDong: 22
  • Wubei Veterinary Association Board: 150
  • Chongqing Small Animal Protection Association: 201
  • Zhenzhou:  207


Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association and all of the rescue groups that took in the cats have been working day and night to take care of their charges, many of which are sick and require much needed medical attention.


To fund this rescue and all of the post-rescue work, we solely rely on donations from loving supporters such as yourself. We would have never made it this far without all of your generosity and continuous love and support.

Please know that you are in every way part of this cause just as much as we are, and you are making a huge difference! Please support our work and help us provide for these innocent animals so that they can have a chance for a brighter future!


Money is not the only way to help animals in desperate need. Please spread the word and tell people about what we do. Please share this story and our Facebook page with as many people you can.

Thank you!