It’s Cool to Adopt!

Raise Awareness for Rescued Animals
Help Cats and Dogs Rescued from the Meat Trade Find the Path to a Loving Forever Home.

By purchasing an unisex t-shirt to raise more awareness, you will also contribute to the re-homing and adoption programme we run for many rescued animals, especially those saved from the cat and dog meat trade in China.


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By Adopting You Will


  • Save a life
  • Have a great companion
  • Be rewarded with unconditional love
  • Be respected by others
  • Fight against puppy mills and the cat/dog meat trade
  • Change a homeless animal’s whole world
  • Feel awesome!

Our re-homing programme has helped many cats and dogs find forever homes, like Ryan for example, a Golden Retriever rescued from the dog meat trade on 4th Feb. 2016.

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