On Feb 25th 2014, the US Consulate General at Wuhan, Mr. Vlad Lipschutz, visited Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association (WSAPA) and all of the 100+ animal residents at the shelter.  After visiting the main shelter, the consulate general also visited the temporary shelter outside of the city where more rescued animals are housed, including the cats that were recently rescued from the meat market. 

US Consulate general

During this visit, Mr. Lipschutz and the board director, Du Fan, discussed the animal rights movement in China. Du Fan shared his experiences and opinions about the current animal rights situation in China with Mr. Lipschutz. Mr. Lipschutz stated that he supports and is willing to help the shelter and its future work within his means.  The US Consulate General’s visit was widely praised by the many Chinese animal lovers on Weibo (Chinese version of twitter).

0228200136 The US consulate general Mr. Lipschutz, and WSAPA board director Du Fan are discussing and exchanging ideas about the animal protection and welfare situation in China.

Last month, WSAPA along with many volunteers successfully rescued 2,800 cats that were en route to be slaughtered. The rescue story was featured on both TACN Website and Facebook page.