Just before the New Year, our multi-national volunteers had visited TACN Beijing Rescue Centre once again to provide all the animals with some much needed love and care, preparing them for a new year to come. Accompanied by TACN Regional Director Xiaoli, our volunteers including Camilla, Ling, Tony Chan and his girlfriend Chloe headed to the shelter in the morning of Saturday 28th December 2013.


As always, a very warm welcome from the animals received upon arrival. IMG_2975It was Tony and Chloe’s first ever visit to the shelter, and they were surprised to see how happy the animals were in comparison to what they originally had in mind what animals are like in shelters. Among the many dogs, Mingming and Lisa were particularly drawn to Tony as they truly enjoyed being the centre of the attentions and loved being held in Tony’s arms.

As soon as Chloe picked up the dog treats, all the kids got even more excited and surrounded her showing off their talents for the return of some tasty treats.

In Tony’s own words after his first visit as a TACN volunteer:

I can tell from the eyes of the animals that they’re happy. We have a few dogs that are a bit overweight, so if more volunteers can just come to the centre, play and exercise with our animal residence, then I believe they will be more happy and healthy.

Tony Chan

While Tony and Chloe attracted majority of the dogs attentions, Camilla, Ling and Xiaoli, as well as our shelter’s permanent staff Aunty, started to go through their tasks, including cleaning up, animal health check and grooming.


Camilla in particular, due to her many years of experiences working with animals and veterinarians, she was the most qualified to check the healthy conditions of the animals.

Upon arrival, she immediately started to work on Sanlangs teeth, as Camilla had discovered some issues with Sanlang’s teeth during her last visit but didn’t have enough time to work on them then.From what Camila had seen, Sanlang’s teeth are in a very bad condition and she did as much as she can to remove bacteria’s by brushing his teeth with fresh water mixed with cooking salt. But he needs to be send to the vet clinic to be sedated and get a thoroughly cleaning and check-up status of his teeth.

If you want to contribute to Sanlang’s medical treatment, you can do so by making a donation to our Beijing Rescue Centre. Your donation will make a huge difference for all the animals we care for.

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After treating Sanlang’s teeth, Camilla worked on his fur, too. Cut off some tangled fur and clean his ears. Then he has earned a nice cuddle!

Sanlang is one of the cuddliest dog at the shelter, he can’t get enough!


After Sanlang’s treatment it’s time to groom MaoMao. Maomao absolute loves to be brushed and to get rid of all the tangled fur.


Camilla checked on the other dogs as well, and discovered many of them are overweight. She will oversee the food and feeding procedures and provide us with a more balanced nutritious diet plan for all the dogs and also make an exercise schedule.

After his grooming session, Maomao enjoyed some fuss from Tony, along with Mingming and Heiniu – the beautiful lady dog who survived the meat trade horror.


While Camilla spending rest of her time at the shelter cuddling and socialising with the dogs as they really need and craving human contact. All of them are very friendly and happy dogs.

I do hope we can find good loving families for them. I want to thank Xiaoli, Ling, Chloe and Tony for bringing me to the shelter and thanks to Tony for helping with translating! See you all soon.


You can also join us as a volunteer, be part of the great change that’s happening in China. We have three different volunteer programmes that are guaranteed to fit your skill set, as well as additional projects and programmes for anyone who don’t seem to fit in the 3 main programmes. Besides, if you have any friends or families who currently live in Beijing, China, they are more than welcome to join in and volunteer at TACN Beijing Rescue Centre along side our existing multi-national volunteer group. For details on how to volunteer for TACN, please head over to our Volunteer page, or alternatively, you can contact us by email .