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On Easter Sunday 20th April 2014, TACN Beijing Rescue Centre held another open day when many dedicated volunteers and fans enjoyed a busy day filled with fun and love.

It was a success! We had over 20 people showing up, including our partner team V-Cats, professional dog trainer and owner of China Dog Training-Dennis, TACN co-founder and UK Manager – Grace, TACN Co-founder and China Manager – Xiaoli, as well as TACN multinational Volunteers.

For more photos please visit TACN on Flickr

We want to say a big THANK YOU to all our international supporters and volunteers.

Together, we are making a difference for the animals in China.


In China, there are a group of people who have voluntarily taken up the responsibility of caring for and protecting the stray cats in their community and neighbourhood. Every day, they go out and patrol the streets of their neighbourhood to protect the stray cats from cat poachers.


They make sure that the stray cats have enough food and fresh water and take the cats to the local vets when it’s necessary. They work with other local animal rescuers to neuter/spay the cats. These people are in every city and every residential community through out China.

People call them QunHu (群护). In English, this phrase means “Group Protection”. We say they are the stray cats’ Guardian Angels. These people are ordinary citizens doing extraordinary things. They have sacrificed their time with families and friends while doing everything they can to protect the stray cats.

To help some of them out and start the New Year with love and abundant food for the stray cats, TACN held a special “New Year’s Eve Dinner for Stray Cats”.


This project was an online fundraiser with the goal of raising enough money to provide a special dinner on Chinese New Year’s Eve for all of the cats in 50 different “cat patrolling neighbourhoods” in Beijing.

The outcome of this fundraiser campaign has been truly heart warming. We started raising funds on Jan. 16th with the goal of reaching 6,500RMB. We were so fortunate to reach our goal in just two short days after we received donations from 318 loving people throughout China! We used the funds to purchase 50 bags of cat food and delivered them to the specified areas in Beijing.


This amount of the food was enough to give two very generous meals to each of the approximately 800 cats. Each of these 800 balls of furry strays celebrated the beginning of the year of the Horse with their guardian angels while enjoying a very special dinner. Chinese New Year’s Eve was a wonderful start to the new year, and TACN along with the Guardian Angels hope to continue this lovely tradition from here on out!

Much love, respect, and a very happy Chinese New Year to you all!

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While this report is being written up, there are still many volunteers staying up over night looking after the cats, and in the morning many more will arrive at the warehouse to take their turn, and hopefully many more cats will be able to return to their homes all over the country. Many cats will be taken in by Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association (WSAPA, and official donation pages have been setup especially for the rescued cats on Taobao by WSAPA. Because Taobao is a Chinese internal online shop, international donations are quite difficult to process, therefore, we have set up a donation page especially for this event.


Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association (WSAPA will be the beneficiary of the donations collected via this fundraiser page. Distribution and expenses of donations will be made transparent by WSAPA and published once ready.


Full Event Report - Aftercare Ongoing

14th January 2014

6:00PM Chairman Du Fan from Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association had received an eye witness report from people who has spotted a truck on the roadside near Wuhan Technology University on Baishazhou Road, Wuchang, with many cages of cats being loaded onto the truck. Du Fan immediately gathered 7 volunteers and headed towards the location of the truck. When they got there, the truck had already left and was on the way towards the Southern China cities where the cats would be sold for their meat and fur. Du Fan and the volunteers took two cars and started to chase the truck.


11:00 PM The truck was about to leave Hubei province, but volunteers finally caught up with the truck at a toll gate. With help from the traffic warden the truck was finally stopped at the toll. Volunteers called uopn local quarantine officers straight away. Upon arrival, officials from the local quarantine department checked the quarantine certificate for these cats carefully and announced that it had been forged, therefore the transportation of these cats was illegal. However, due to the truck’s origin being out of their range of control, they could only order the truck to be returned back to Wuhan, under the supervision of volunteers, and to be examined once again by the quarantine officers there.

stopped-questioned footage-01

On the way back to Wuhan, the truck was driving in front with Du Fan and the volunteers following behind.  The truck driver had tried many times to speed up and get rid of them but failed to succeed.

15th January 2014

04:00 AM Everyone arrived at downtown Anshan in Jiangxia district but the truck driver refused to carry on and said he was feeling sick. Volunteers agreed to stop for a rest there, and waited for local officials during the break.

Local media and journalists arrived shortly and saw a truck with registration plates belonging to Anhui province parked on the roadside, loaded with countless tiny cages cramped with cats. According to the journalists’ initial count, there were roughly a hundred of cages on the truck. In the truck there were two males and one female, but they refused to answer questions or speak to the journalists.


During the initial unloading attempt by the activists at the current holding ground, a nearby market had caught fire, it was suspected that the cat dealers had set the market on fire to cause trouble and divert peoples attentions. Luckily the Jiangxia Animal Quarantine Department later ordered the truck to be relocated to new premises away from the fire.


All the cats were different breeds, cramped in tiny cages less than 20 cm in height and all of the cats seemed very weak. Volunteers told journalists that the quarantine certificate provided by the driver stated there were 2,800 cats and they were destined to Nanning, Guangxi province. The driver had told the volunteers that these cats were to be “domesticated then would be sold as pets”, but volunteers didn’t believe this story, knowing that these cats would not escape a certain death of horror if they were ever to reach their destination and would definitely be sold as meat.


11:00 The driver had called up their people and upon arrival they demanded the release of the truck and all the cats from volunteers, arguments started when their request was refused. The driver got in the truck and tried to flee, but he was stopped by volunteers.

Whilst the journalists’ were conducting an interview, a middle-aged man appeared at the scene, shouting with anger at the volunteers, accusing them of causing trouble. Although he didn’t reveal his identity, volunteers told the reporter that this angry man was the “owner” of the cats.

This man then went on to say that he, himself, had bought the cats from all over many towns and cities, but refused to say how much he had paid for them or where the cats were being driven to. He accused the volunteers of causing him money loss and said he would get it all back afterwards. He refused to comment on the forged quarantine certificate at all.

forged-quarantine-certificate footage-02

The Local Health Authority where the truck originated confirmed that the quarantine certificate was forged, and decided to detain the truck and all the cats while further investigation could be made. There were chances that the truck could still be released with all the cats if the “owner” provided supporting documents. Until now, all the cats have been cramped in the tiny cages for over 30 hours and volunteers had found many injured cats, even dead bodies inside the cages, so they started negotiating with the officials hoping they could let them unload the cats and provide them with food, water and essential care.


Their first few attempts got refused, but they didn’t give up and they kept on trying to negotiate. At the same time, thousands of Weibo posts had been published online, reposted and were circling on the the most popular microblog in China, many posted comments and accused Hongshan local officials of condoning crime if they let the truck go.

16th January 2014 Under the pressure of the volunteers, journalists and many more citizens all over China, the local officials agreed to hand over the cats to volunteers and local animal rescue groups to be taken care of.


Victory to the activists and volunteers

Volunteers were then facing the next stage of the rescue, finding a location as a temporary holding ground for all the cats while they separated the dead, injured and healthy ones putting the cats wearing collars to one side waiting to be found by their owners.

Eventually, volunteers found a local warehouse that agreed to provide space for housing the cats temporarily, and charging 1,000RMB (£100/$165) per day. Out of desperation, volunteers took the offer and moved all the cats to the location.

Instruction to the current housing location – 武汉救下的猫咪临时安置点指路详情

Upon arrival they immediately started unloading the cages and started checking on the cats as well as feeding them food and water. Until now, 40 hours have gone by, volunteers didn’t sleep or eat, and neither did the cats, they were fighting through the horror together.


More volunteers had been called upon and arrived at the warehouse, bringing with them supplies including food, water, crates, cages, feeding tubes, gloves, etc. Immediately they joined in with the operation, so they could take over and let some of the volunteers return home for some much needed rest and re-energising.


Many cats have now been moved into larger cages provided with food and water, but there are quite a lot of cats that didn’t make it.  Among the dead cats, many were pregnant and gave birth to their kittens while cramped in the cages on the truck, some of their kittens were squeezed out prematurely caused by the pressure of the tiny space and weight of other cats in cages.


The operation of finding owners of some of the cats have begun. As the news spread, many people who had previously lost their cats made their way to the warehouse, some of them have actually found their lost cats after just a short searching around. Many cats had collars, and were identified to be from Beijing and Tianjin, as they belonged to the local cat carer community where groups of rescuers and volunteers took the responsibilities of looking after them from strays to domesticated cats. After hearing the updates about this, the local rescuers from Beijing and Tianjin were on their way to Wuhan via a 2 hour flight, with the hope to find the recent lost cats that disappeared from their community.


While this report is being written up, there are still many volunteers staying up over night looking after the cats and in the morning many more will arrive at the warehouse to take their turn, and hopefully many more cats will be able to return to their homes all over the country. Many cats will  be taken in by Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association (WSAPA, and official donation pages have been setup especially for the rescued cats on Taobao by WSAPA and Wuhan Cat ( Because Taobao is a Chinese internal online shop, international donation would be quite difficult, therefore, we have set up a donation page especially for this event.


Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association (WSAPA who will be the beneficiary of the donations collected via this fundraiser page. Distribution and expenses of donations will be made transparent by WSAPA and published once ready.

WSAPA Taobao Donation page – Chinese

More Event Related Materials

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Wuhan local media report 01 – Video

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Wuhan local newspaper reports

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Just before the New Year, our multi-national volunteers had visited TACN Beijing Rescue Centre once again to provide all the animals with some much needed love and care, preparing them for a new year to come. Accompanied by TACN Regional Director Xiaoli, our volunteers including Camilla, Ling, Tony Chan and his girlfriend Chloe headed to the shelter in the morning of Saturday 28th December 2013.


As always, a very warm welcome from the animals received upon arrival. IMG_2975It was Tony and Chloe’s first ever visit to the shelter, and they were surprised to see how happy the animals were in comparison to what they originally had in mind what animals are like in shelters. Among the many dogs, Mingming and Lisa were particularly drawn to Tony as they truly enjoyed being the centre of the attentions and loved being held in Tony’s arms.

As soon as Chloe picked up the dog treats, all the kids got even more excited and surrounded her showing off their talents for the return of some tasty treats.

In Tony’s own words after his first visit as a TACN volunteer:

I can tell from the eyes of the animals that they’re happy. We have a few dogs that are a bit overweight, so if more volunteers can just come to the centre, play and exercise with our animal residence, then I believe they will be more happy and healthy.

Tony Chan

While Tony and Chloe attracted majority of the dogs attentions, Camilla, Ling and Xiaoli, as well as our shelter’s permanent staff Aunty, started to go through their tasks, including cleaning up, animal health check and grooming.


Camilla in particular, due to her many years of experiences working with animals and veterinarians, she was the most qualified to check the healthy conditions of the animals.

Upon arrival, she immediately started to work on Sanlangs teeth, as Camilla had discovered some issues with Sanlang’s teeth during her last visit but didn’t have enough time to work on them then.From what Camila had seen, Sanlang’s teeth are in a very bad condition and she did as much as she can to remove bacteria’s by brushing his teeth with fresh water mixed with cooking salt. But he needs to be send to the vet clinic to be sedated and get a thoroughly cleaning and check-up status of his teeth.

If you want to contribute to Sanlang’s medical treatment, you can do so by making a donation to our Beijing Rescue Centre. Your donation will make a huge difference for all the animals we care for.

Donate Now

After treating Sanlang’s teeth, Camilla worked on his fur, too. Cut off some tangled fur and clean his ears. Then he has earned a nice cuddle!

Sanlang is one of the cuddliest dog at the shelter, he can’t get enough!


After Sanlang’s treatment it’s time to groom MaoMao. Maomao absolute loves to be brushed and to get rid of all the tangled fur.


Camilla checked on the other dogs as well, and discovered many of them are overweight. She will oversee the food and feeding procedures and provide us with a more balanced nutritious diet plan for all the dogs and also make an exercise schedule.

After his grooming session, Maomao enjoyed some fuss from Tony, along with Mingming and Heiniu – the beautiful lady dog who survived the meat trade horror.


While Camilla spending rest of her time at the shelter cuddling and socialising with the dogs as they really need and craving human contact. All of them are very friendly and happy dogs.

I do hope we can find good loving families for them. I want to thank Xiaoli, Ling, Chloe and Tony for bringing me to the shelter and thanks to Tony for helping with translating! See you all soon.


You can also join us as a volunteer, be part of the great change that’s happening in China. We have three different volunteer programmes that are guaranteed to fit your skill set, as well as additional projects and programmes for anyone who don’t seem to fit in the 3 main programmes. Besides, if you have any friends or families who currently live in Beijing, China, they are more than welcome to join in and volunteer at TACN Beijing Rescue Centre along side our existing multi-national volunteer group. For details on how to volunteer for TACN, please head over to our Volunteer page, or alternatively, you can contact us by email .




On 7th of December 2013, our swedish volunteer Camilla visited and helped out at our rescue centre in Beijing, China. This day was also the burial of Little Gremlin. TACN’s regional director Xiaoli, who is also the main manager of our rescue centre in Beijing, accompanied Camilla and our long-term hard-worker volunteer Ling carried out much needed works including checking the health and skin condition of all our animals.

Camilla had previous experiences working with animals and nursing at an animal hospital, so with her help and professional advices we had done really well on the day.

Straight after arriving at our rescue centre, Camilla was welcomed by our dogs, and she got into working right away, examining the teeth, ears, skin conditions of the animals. Couple of our long haired dogs also received the VIP grooming service, 1 of them is the lucky Spaniel Sanlang.

The animals loved having Camilla around them so did us, and it really shows that love is beyond borders. Although Xiaoli and Ling did struggle with their English, they have managed to use a combination of English words and body language to get their message across and to understand Camilla.

We do have volunteer translator who occasionally help us out but due to work commitment and busy schedule they couldn’t always assist. So if you are or know someone who want to help us with our translation (Chinese & English) please let us know.