How to adopt?


Each animal’s profile has contact details, please get in touch directly with the animal’s rescuer or foster to discuss the animal that you’re interested in.


When necessary, we will assist and support you and the local rescuer or foster with communication, proceed further with the adoption process.

More Details

If you’re interested in any animals available for adoption, please contact the animal’s rescuer or foster for more information and provide some basic information about yourself and why do you think you’re ready to adopt. You can find the contact details on the animal’s profile page.

The information you provide should include but not limited to:

  • name, age, country
  • any existing pet(s)
  • any children and their age
  • which animal you’re interested in, etc.

Most of the animals are in Beijing and nearby cities, the rescuers or fosters also consider other cities within China if they see the benefits for the animals. But often many animals are left with no choice but have to seek homes abroad, this is due to many reasons, including but not limited to:

  • lack of responsibility and ownership education in China
  • breed of the dog might be restricted
  • government regulations do not allow certain size dogs within cities, etc.

Please understand that the rescuers or fosters must select the most suitably matched home for the animal’s general and unique needs and with their best interest in mind, therefore adoptions are not done on a first come first serve basis. The animal’s rescuers or fosters reserve the right to refuse service and adoption for any reason that may lead them to do so.

If everything sounds acceptable to you, please communicate with the animal’s rescuer or foster directly regarding your intention to adopt.

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